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HCT Group, owner of bus operator CT Plus, is a social enterprise providing transport services and community services in London and West Yorkshire. It was founded in 1982 as Hackney Community Transport in the London Borough of Hackney to provide transport services for local voluntary organisations, charities and community groups. HCT Group is registered in England and Wales as a company limited by guarantee (and has therefore no shareholders). The company is also a registered charity[1].

CT PlusEdit

CT Plus is HCT Group's brand for bus transport services. CT Plus services include[2]:

CT Plus won a contract to operate a park and ride bus service in Hull in September 2009.[3]

In the quarter ending June 2009, CT Plus ranked among other small London Buses operators with the following placings[4]:

  • excess waiting time: second best
  • long gaps: second best
  • on-time: below average
  • early running: second worst
  • mileage operated: second best

Community transport servicesEdit

HCT operates[5]:

  • accessible minibuses for community and voluntary groups
  • 'Capital Call' a door-to-door service provided by Private hire vehicles for users with mobility difficulties
  • 'ScootAbility' mobility scooter home delivery service
  • 'PlusBus' bus service for those who have difficulty accessing mainstream transport
  • 'Door 2 Door' transport service provided by volunteers for Hackney residents
  • 'Integrated Transport Solutions' transport contract management service

Social enterprise and transportEdit

The British government has promoted the delivery of public services by not for profit organisations (the third sector)[6].

HCT Group's corporate strategy is to generate profits from providing commercial transport services, then to use these profits to provide community transport services for people unable to use mainstream transport. The two modes, public transport and special need transport, are fully integrated under their model: "the investment in responsive community transport services is made possible by running the commercial activity well"[7].

HCT only competes for contracts that have high levels of accessibility and quality in the specification[7]. "HCT sees the provision of high-quality public services as a goal in itself...and actively seeks user input into the design and delivery of all its services."[7]

West Yorkshire Metro noted that a community transport provider "...spends its surpluses on transport services in the community which are not commissioned from public bodies" but that "Commissioning from the [community transport] sector can however carry risks...organisations can lack capability and professionalism and be over reliant on individuals leading to instability"[6].

HCT Group is no more immune to labour relations problems than any other bus operator [8].


HCT Group received loans from London Rebuilding Society to finance its entry to the bus industry[9].



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